Adopt an Owl and Help NSCNA Research

Wild birds don’t make good pets – but now there’s a way you can “adopt” one of the East’s most intriguing owls, and help the Ned Smith Center’s research programs at the same time.

Each adoptive parent will receive a handsome certificate suitable for framing, with their name, a color photograph of their owl just before its release, its band number and other pertinent information such as age and sex. Enclosed will also be a fact sheet about saw-whet owls, and information about the on-going owl research at the Ned Smith Center. Naturally, the adoption kits make great birthday and holiday gifts.
There are two levels of support. A standard adoption is $30, but for a contribution of $75, you can have the rare privilege of sponsoring what banders call a “foreign recovery,” the term for an owl that was originally banded at another location, often in a distant state, and recaptured by our banders. Ned Smith Center members are invited to deduct $5 from each adoption of either level.

You can also take satisfaction in knowing that your tax-deductible contribution will directly benefit the Ned Smith Center’s bird-banding programs. With your help, we’ll continue to explore the mysterious, nighttime world of the saw-whet owl for many years to come.

To Adopt a Saw-whet Owl…
use our online store or
call the Ned Smith Center at 717-692-3699
*NOTE: Please allow four weeks for delivery

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