Hunting on the NSC Lands


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Public hunting has been allowed on the Center’s lands since the lands were acquired in 1993. The Ned Smith Center has a long-established cooperative agreement with the Pennsylvania Game Commission for hunting on private lands. Public hunting is ONLY permitted on the Ned Smith Center lands in the areas south of the Rail Trail to the top of Berry’s Mountain.

Public hunting is NOT PERMITTED on Ned Smith Center lands from the Rail Trail north to Route 209. This is due to the high volume of non-hunting hikers, anglers, and the general public that visit the Center and enjoy its lands.

The areas where hunting is permitted is clearly indicated on the Center’s trail map, which is available for download by clicking here, and by request in the gift shop during open hours.

Additionally, because hunting is permitted on certain areas of the Center’s lands, the Center strongly encourages everyone using the trails during all hunting seasons to wear orange. Orange vests are available for loan from the gift shop during open hours, Tuesday through Saturday, 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

If a hunter is unsure of the areas where hunting is permitted, it is the hunter’s responsibility to contact the Center for clarification. Any questions regarding use of the lands should be directed to John P. Booth, Ned Smith Center Executive Director, at 717-692-3699, or via email at

The Center offers a portion of its lands as a public hunting area in an effort to support responsible hunting, and as a celebration of America’s outdoor heritage; and appreciates the public’s cooperation.

Ned Smith Center