Mission Statement

Mission StatementNature Photography

The mission of the Ned Smith Center for Nature and Art is to merge the arts and the natural world and foster a celebration of both.

Vision Statement

In 2001, as the leadership of the Ned Smith Center for Nature and Art begins its planning activities, it has created the following vision of the outcomes of its efforts.

bridgeThe Ned Smith Center for Nature and Art provides common ground where people of many backgrounds meet in celebration of the arts and the natural world. The center serves as a unique bridge between these two domains, and thus our stakeholders are varied, reflecting the diversity of those involved with nature, the arts, science, the environment and education.

Rooted in the scenic Susquehanna Valley of Central Pennsylvania, we strive to be the leading institution for the collection and dissemination of art and natural history knowledge, particularly when the two intersect and reinforce one another. We are the repository for the art, writings and other work of the late Ned Smith, from whose life the center takes its original inspiration. The center seeks to appeal to all ages, races and genders across Pennsylvania and beyond. Our goal is to be viewed as a vibrant cornerstone to the cultural, economic, social and environmental life of the community.1

Research, discovery and the creation and sharing of art and natural history knowledge are the heart of the center’s activities. The Ned Smith Center fosters a sense of fellowship among those with a passion for the natural world and the arts, and seeks to kindle the same enthusiasm among those yet to be exposed to them. The Ned Smith Center is a unique place where all can come together to learn, share, perform and celebrate art and the natural world in which we live.

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