2019 Friends of the Center

Olewine Gallery – Current Exhibit

The Friends of the Ned Smith Center

Art, in general, has many definitions. Here at the Ned Smith Center, we celebrate “the arts”. That encompasses everything from Ned Smith’s beautiful wildlife art to the art of cheese making, gooey art with Grandparents to Irish Rock on the DeSoto Amphitheater. Along with this diversity comes the many faces of “the Friends of the Center.”

From retired Game Commission officials, teachers and foresters, to bankers, contractors and chefs; the Center is very fortunate to have a great group of “friends” who volunteer at events, support us financially, share their expertise with students or simply fill the bird feeders. They come in all shapes and sizes, colors and backgrounds. You might say that we have as diverse a group of friends as there is diversity in art. At least that is what we hope to share with this exhibit.

We have asked a few of our closest friends to share their favorite pieces of art as well as why their favorites appeal to them. We also hope to share how these V.I.P.s are connected with the Center and demonstrate that like art, it takes all kinds to make the world beautiful. We hope you enjoy OUR favorites.

~John P. Booth
Executive Director, Ned Smith

Ned Smith Center