Olewine Gallery – Upcoming Exhibits

September: NSCNA Wildlife Art Auction Exhibit

October 1 – January 1: Quilts by Sue Reno – A rare textile exhibit composed of brilliantly patterned quilts.

January – April: Kopp Collection – On display for the first time in 10 years.

This extensive collection features over 30,000 worldwide exotic species of butterflies and moths.  With multiple mounting capabilities and mobiles this show is a beautiful work of art for all to enjoy.

Starting in 1950, siblings Faye Arleen and Lawrence Joseph Kopp started their collection and passion.  While growing up, and living all their lives on their 125 acre family farm in rural Pennsylvania, they were able to focus their passion for collecting the most beautiful species of butterflies and moths.  Their love of art and nature, her creative eye, and her meticulously creative hands would eventually produce forms of art to be revered with awe.

John Laskowski, (also know as “The Mothman”) said, “One of my highlights as an amateur entomologist has been to curate the Kopp’s World Class Collections.”

This world class exhibit will also be complimented with the digitally enhanced artwork from local artist Stephen R. Rannels.  His unique, colorful, and modern way of showing different species of insects will give you real optical treat.

Click HERE to watch “Taking Wing,” a video about the Kopp Collections.  “Taking Wing – Part 2” is available HERE.

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