Original Wild Game, Fish and Seafood Cookbook by Dale Shelly


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All of his life, Dale Shelly has enjoyed hunting and fishing. He especially enjoyed preparing his bounty into favorite recipes that he developed over the years. On numerous occasions, individuals would ask for recipes of certain dishes. With this cookbook, he has gathered his efforts together into one place. This is by no means intended to be a gourmet cookbook, but rather an easy and sometimes unique way of preparing wild game and fish into tasty dishes. For those who do not hunt and/or fish, these recipes can easily be adapted to any meat, fowl, fish or seafood purchased at the supermarket. Dale’s cookbook contains cooking techniques for a variety of wild game, fish and seafood including venison, duck, goose, rabbit, pheasant, crab, trout, salmon, oysters, and more. Dale hopes that you will try the wild game recipes in this cookbook and see for yourself that wild game does not have to taste “wild”, and that there are many ways to prepare game and fish that will please your palate.


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