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Jennifer Becker

“Botanical Art for Native Gardens.”

Now Open in the Romberger Gallery

The Work:

The botanical artworks that Jennifer creates is part of a larger conservation initiative that she is pursuing to bring awareness to the often overlooked yet very important beneficial organisms that play vital roles in healthy, bio diverse ecosystems. Part of her goal is to inspire positive associations between native plants and the organisms that rely on them, so in effect this imagery serves as an educational tool. 

These original watercolor paintings depict insects and birds with host and nectar plants that are native to Pennsylvania and the wider Mid-Atlantic region. Jennifer has selected several species that are threatened or critically endangered in order to highlight the importance of acting soon by using techniques such as native gardening and habitat restoration in order to prevent their extinction.
All of the printed materials produced from the original paintings come with supplemental information on the front and back, including common and scientific names, as well as information regarding cultivation and conservation of the organisms depicted.

 The Artist:
Jennifer Becker is a professional artist working in her home studio in Lewisberry, PA. Her artworks are produced in watercolor, soft pastel, ink, and graphite, and she exhibits throughout the year at art fairs and galleries.

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