Romberger Hallway Gallery

Nature, Abstract and Perspective
Photography by Michelle McBurney

Breath in the clean crisp air, set your sights on the ever-changing scenery,

close your eyes and reflect upon life.

~Michelle McBurney ~

I have always been drawn to the arts.  Photography lures me to nature and I like to think that maybe I see things from behind the camera in a different perspective than many others may see things,” McBurney explained. Professionally taught with a Degree in Visual Arts Photography, Michelle’s diverse collection of subjects have a broad range. “I like to look for that unique image or angle or sometimes just that different feel.  I’ll take the what you see and make it intriguing. Water, motion and color they all seem to draw me in. Many pieces of the art hanging in the Romberger Hallway will have at least one of these three factors in them,” she explained.

Michelle has owned and operated Timepiece Photography located in Halifax, PA since 2010. “While I do have a studio, you will find that most of my pictures are taken on site and the setting is personalized to the client to make you feel at ease during our session. I specialize in Families, Children, Seniors, Engagements, Weddings, Nature and Landscape Photography,” McBurney said.

Michelle lives in Halifax, PA and in her free time she enjoys capturing what the outdoors has to offer through nature, landscapes, abstract or architectural views. 

Michelle also has artwork displayed at the Perry County Council of the Arts and is a part of the Art on Tour Program. Her website is and you can read more about her and sample her online portfolio there.

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