Upcoming Events

 Saturday, May 11 – Sip and Paint

Have fun painting a vibrant water color piece, in a step-by-step painting party led by artist Joan Maguire. Clear instruction and demos are given on how to paint each part. You can personalize your painting. Tips and tricks will help you make an awesome painting! This workshop is perfect for experienced painters and those new to water colors. Mother’s Day is quickly approaching and both the class and the finished product would make a great gift.
Admission $45 per person ages 16 and up. Space is limited, Pre-registration suggested.
Time: 11 a.m. – 2 p.m.

Saturday, June 1 – Pennsylvania Regional Ballet

Join the Ned Smith Center’s cultural partner, Pennsylvania Regional Ballet, at our DeSoto Amphitheater season opener. Pennsylvania Regional Ballet will perform a showcase of selected pieces in varying dance styles. Let them jeté right into your heart! Please note: as to not put our dancers in danger, this show may be altered due to rain. Generously sponsored by Grady and Trish Williams.

Saturday, June 8 – A Dose of  Vitamin N(ature)

Come and learn about the wellness benefits available to you by spending time in nature. We will be walking a short distance, at a slow pace, while exploring the restorative aspects of the natural world. The practice of Shinrin-Yoku (forest bathing) will be introduced in this program. This program consists of an informational session and a walk that will last approximately 2 hours. Individuals are welcome to attend just the informational session but
anyone planning to go on the walk cannot skip the informational session. Please dress for the weather. Pre-registration suggested.
Admission $5 per person ages 6 and up.
Time: 9 a.m. – noon

Saturday, June 8 – Parrot Beach

The “hardest working full time Buffett Band on the circuit today.” If you like Jimmy Buffett and Island Music, if you like to dance, you have to come. Parrot Beach is sure to make you feel like you are sipping a drink in Margaritaville. Generously sponsored by the Faber family.
ADMISSION: $20 per person


Saturday, June 22 – After Hours Big Band

After Hours Big Band is a 17 pc. swing orchestra playing anything from the traditional big band arrangements of Glenn Miller, Benny Goodman, and Les Brown to the modern era sounds of big band artists such as Maynard Ferguson and Brian Setzer, The After Hours Big Band covers it all. Generously sponsored by Raymond and Linda Enders.