Visiting a Banding Site

Since its inception, an important component of the Ned Smith Center’s owl research program has been educational. Each fall, hundreds of kids and adults visit the banding stations to see the research crews are work, and to experience hands-on learning with this unusual bird. School, university and community groups are encouraged to visit.

Group size is limited, and visits must be set up well in advance (weekend nights are often booked months before the season begins). For more information about booking a visit, email project coordinator Scott Weidensaul.

The public is also invited to attend the center’s annual Halloween Owls program, usually scheduled for the Saturday night closest to Halloween at the Ned Smith Center in Millersburg. Members of the banding crew net, band and release wild saw-whets, while educators will introduce participants to captive owls of several other species. For information on the program, go to the center’s Schedule of Events.

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